SHANNON CHURCH, founder and owner, certified birth doula

I’m a globe trotting, music loving, wife, mom, orphan advocate and follower of Christ. I’m a big fan of laughter, good friends, great conversation, campfire and of course – all things birth. I’m deeply in love with my husband, an amazing man who I share five gorgeous children with. I ADORE my family with all of my heart and feel truly blessed to share my life with these incredible people. My journey to doula work began after the birth of our second little one. She was welcomed earth side, in the water, on a snowy February night. It was a stark contrast from our first experience which left me questioning my capability to ever give birth again. Our second time around I did things differently. We found a supportive birth team and we made educated decisions regarding our care. The journey really restored my faith in this amazing work women are created to do. It was after that experience that I became a passionate advocate about the need for women to be fully informed in their birth options and to have continual support and encouragement throughout their birth experiences – no matter where or how they choose to give birth. Both my husband and I realized that birth is not just a medical event, but an emotional and spiritual experience that should be given all the attention and support it deserves.

Soon after my experience, I became a DONA Certified Doula here in Rapid City, South Dakota. My heart is to provide nurturing support to families in the Black Hills area. It truly is a passion of mine to see every woman find her voice for her own birth experience (whatever that may be) and to see that family encouraged through the entire process. I’ve supported hundreds of families in all types of birth experiences. I’ve supported families in natural birth, medicated birth, inductions, VBAC’s, medically necessary cesareans as well as water birth. I support families in all environments – at home, in the hospital and at the birth center. I feel so privileged to be invited into such a special, intimate time in one’s life. To support, guide and encourage women as they prepare to meet this new little member of their family is such an honor. My hope is that my clients will look back at their birth experiences with a heart full of love, empowerment and joy. Every birth I’ve been blessed to support has been so very special and completely unique in itself. What an honor to stand by women during this amazing experience in their lives.

HANNAH BESHARA, certified birth doula

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am a happy mama to my son Hank, and an adoring wife to my husband, Max. We are an adventure seeking family who loves exploring the beautiful black hills. I also enjoy cooking, practicing yoga, and socializing with good company. I was inspired to be a doula after the birth of my son, whom we welcomed earth side on a cold Christmas Eve night in the comfort of our home. The support, encouragement, and strength I received was amazing and it truly changed my life. I knew in that moment that I wanted to support women the way I was supported. I believe that birth is a rite of passage that has gotten lost in a highly technical world and it is my dream for all women to be able to fully experience their births in whatever way is most comfortable for them. Every woman and her partner should have the right to be fully educated and supported in their health and birthing choices. I would love to meet with you and I would be honored if you chose me to provide emoti​​onal, physical, and information support for you during your birth journey.

TARIN MATTHEW, certified postpartum doula

Tarin Matthew is a proud mom to two beautiful kiddos and the wife to a loving and supportive husband. She became passionate about birth in 2010 after watching “The Business of Being Born.” This sparked her interest to take a class to take a training class for becoming a birth doula. Then, placenta encapsulation, which she practiced for 4 years. Nutrition and health was always an interest after being able to get rid of migraine headaches, stomach issues and acne, which led to becoming trained as a holistic health coach. Still craving her passion for birth and new mamas, she trained to become a postpartum doula. In our society, the new family has a huge lack in support which leads to postpartum mood disorders, decreased breastfeeding success, decreased family bonding, and etc. With all of these skills she’s confident that her support for the postpartum mama and her family will allow each member grow and thrive by encouraging self care to allow the mother to heal and rest, make empowering informed decisions and offering nutritious meals and more.

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