“The only inflatable birthing pool I wholeheartedly recommend.”

– Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE, Founder of Waterbirth International and World-Renowned Waterbirth Consultant

Why rent a birth pool for labor and/or water birth? Hydrotherapy can provide numerous benefits to both the laboring mom and baby. Whether you’re choosing to birth your baby in the tub at home, or simply use it for comfort during labor before you go to the hospital, you will love the relief water can provide during this experience. Birth Pool in a Box makes it possible for all women to experience the fantastic benefits of using water for their labor and birth. This type of birthing tub is easy to setup, easy to use and extremely comfortable all while aiding in the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Benefits of hydrotherapy for Mother:

  • Warm water is soothing, comforting and incredibly relaxing. As the laboring woman relaxes physically, she is able to relax mentally with greater ability to focus on the natural process of birth.
  • The effect of buoyancy lessens a mother’s body weight, allowing free movement and new positioning.
  • Buoyancy promotes more efficient uterine contractions and improved blood circulation resulting in better oxygenation of the uterine muscles, less pain for the mother, and more oxygen for the baby.
  • Immersion in water seems to reduce stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors.
  • Water causes the perineum to become more elastic and relaxed, reducing the incidence and severity of tearing and the need for an episiotomy and stitches.
  • Since the water provides a greater sense of privacy, it can reduce inhibitions, anxiety, and fears.Please contact us here for more information or to secure your Birth Pool rental.



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