Did you know the placenta is as rare and unique as a finger print?

The placenta is a womb mate for your little one, giving them nutrients, comfort, and protection. Postpartum, consuming the placenta can replenish those nutrients and promote wellness. Placentophagy benefits include increased milk supply, pain relief, decreased bleeding and increased energy by replenishing B vitamins. Other benefits include protection from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta, replenishing iron, assisting in stablizing ever changing hormones after birth as well as combating postpartum depression. (Click here for information on studies done.)

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Available Options


This method cleans, steams and then dehydrates the placenta. Steaming the placenta with lemon allows the placenta to bring warmth and healing because it’s a toning herb.


With this method the placenta is cleaned and dehydrated at 118 degrees which raw foodies believe heating past this temperature destroys nutrients and hormones. This type of encapsulation makes for a higher yield of pills, yet takes a little longer to dehydrate.


This is great for quick benefits including boosting energy, controlling bleeding and healing by using a thumbnail-sized portion of raw placenta along with fruits and vegetables if desired.


This is the byproduct from steaming the placenta, which is only available if the basic method is chosen. This, like the smoothie, allows for quick healing benefits while waiting for the capsules to be finished. This can be used as a broth or liquid portion of homemade breads for later use.


Who doesn’t crave chocolate? You can curb your cravings while ingesting part or all of the placenta in chocolate! Available dairy free, gluten free upon request.


Long after your placenta pills are used, you’ll always have these treasured memories of your baby’s womb-mate. These are free with any package.


This great basic salve can help heal c-section scars after healed, hemorrhoids, perennial tears, burns, diaper rash, eczema, sunburns and skin irritations. One of the three salves available is the Black Salve which is something every mama should own. This is stated to heal anything to cancer and absorbs toxins. You can use it on bee stings, slivers or cuts.


This tincture is great for headaches, increased milk supply, insomnia, delayed cycles, muscle cramps, menopause and increasing libido. If you find you have pills left that you won’t be using this is a great option to increased benefits with a very long shelf-life.

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